About NEHP

North End Housing Project Inc. (NEHP) grew out of community meetings involving local organizations and citizens in response to the pressing need for decent housing and neighborhood renewal in the deteriorating North End of Winnipeg. NEHP is a registered charitable non-profit organization committed to the provision of affordable housing. NEHP’s central mission is restoring neighborhood housing, and the focus is on social development in the neighborhoods in which we work. Strengthening and reinforcing the community and the local economy are integral components the NEHP.


NEHP will work within our resources to maintain and expand not for profit housing opportunities. NEHP will continue to provide inclusive, safe, affordable, quality, community housing that supports local needs that assist in neighborhood renewal.


The purpose of North End Housing Project, Inc., as may be determined by resolution of the directors from time to time, is to:

  1. Provide opportunities for Target Population to secure housing that is decent, affordable and safe that is rented and occupied by the residents as their principle residence.
  2. Preserve the quality and affordability of housing for future low-income residents of the Target Area
  3. To operate and maintain the Steve Perchyshyn Fire Rescue House. The purpose of the Fire Rescue House is to provide temporary supportive transitional housing for families who have lost their home to fire or other emergencies.