Housing/Subsidy Info

Please fill out the following housing applications if you would like to be added to our waiting list for our available housing. You can submit the completed forms to General@NEHP.ca

2018 NEHP Housing application

Rent Supplement Application

Some of NEHP’s properties are subsidized by Manitoba Housing’s rent supplement program. For these units, we are only taking applicants that are eligible. This is according to our agreement with Mantoba Housing. Please see the chart below for total household income limits. For additional information, please see the rent supplement information page.

Below are the Income limits for eligibility for the Rent Supplement program.

Bachelor      1 Bedroom     2 Bedroom     3 Bedroom    4+ Bedroom

Winnipeg $25,500 $37,000 $46,000 $48,500 $57,500

Email: completed applications to general@nehp.ca
Fax: 201-219-5638

**Note, NEHP will keep applications for up to 6 Months and will contact you if something becomes available that fits your needs. NEHP does not provide a time frame for how long our waiting list might be as we do not control when vacancies might occur. We recommend that you re-submit your application if there are any changes to your current situation or contact information. We will not add or change information on current applications. Please resubmit.